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Shandong Delta-Medi Co.,Ltd

China Disposable Surgical Gown & Disposable Surgical Packs Manufacturer

Professional Disposable Surgical Gown manufacturer in the industry
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Shandong Delta-Medi Co.,Ltd

DELTA-MEDI GROUP DELTA-MEDI CO.,LTD Who we are Delta-Medi is a professional manufacturer in development and marketing of medicals healthcare for Surgical Gown, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Packs, Procedure Kits, Protective Coverall, Liquid Collection Pouch, Isolation Gown, Scrub Gown, and Paper coated Film etc. What we offer With sales office in the north China of Shandong, Company has two manufactur...
China Shandong Delta-Medi Co.,Ltd
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China leading provider of Disposable Surgical Gown & Disposable Surgical Packs
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